Sebring Flat Fee MLS Listing

For sale by owner MLS listing service in the Florida Highlands County Metro Area

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and® are two tools traditional full-commission agents use to find homes for buyers. The MLS is the local listing database that all agents use to find homes to show buyers.® is a national website where the public can view these MLS listings.

Use the MLS and® to sell your home in Sebring for a low flat fee without paying a listing agent commission. Advertise your home on® if you mostly want to reach independent buyers searching online. List on the MLS in Florida (which includes a® listing) if you also want to reach local agents using the MLS to find homes for their buyers (4 out of 5 homes are sold through the MLS).

Reach the most local qualified buyers in the Highlands County metro area while retaining the right to sell your home For Sale By Owner (FSBO) - saving you thousands of dollars. You choose how much commission to offer a buyer’s agent (typically 2% - 3%), but that is half the cost of hiring a traditional full-commission agent.

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Cornerstone MLS Traditional Agent
Listing Agent $395 one-time fee $
Buyer's Agent $(optional) $
Your Total Cost $ $
Your Savings $

Note: If you find a buyer who is not represented by an agent, you pay NO commission.

We make listing on the MLS easy!

Pick the home selling option that's right for you:

  •® Showcase if you mostly want to reach independent buyers
  • Flat Fee MLS to reach the most buyers including those working with agents
  • Agent Assisted to get all of the above plus closing support
  • Fill out one simple form to get started. It's that easy.
    No hassles – no restrictive contracts – no hidden fees.

With Cornerstone's flat fee MLS listing service, you retain the right to sell your home for sale by owner by cutting out the middleman and only paying a one-time flat rate to list your home. You are never obligated to sell your home to a buyer working with an agent - the choice is yours.

Flat Fee MLS listings are listed on® and many more top real estate websites giving your property maximum exposure to thousands of potential buyers.

Your property will be listed on top real estate sites

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